2 hrs

“Constraints breed innovation.”

Ari Meisel of LessDoing.com

Ari went from working 18hr days down to 1hr due to Crohns disease and this constraint has led to his success and facilitated helping many others.

I would add to Ari’s message that correct inputs which create constraints are also part of SUCCESS and THRIVING in general.

Once you have met the basics as per the maslow’s hierarchy of needs (food, water, warmth,.rest, security and safety) you are ready to move towards THRIVING.

2hrs of wellbeing a day is the door to open towards THRIVING.

In the west we live in a world of possabilities, which also includes the abundance of stress and distractions. We have convenience of instant information, entertainment, connection and opinions from everyone.

If you dont get into the drivers seat of your life, other things, people or even technologies which were designed to hijack our attention will potentially drive you mad.

Why 2hrs?

First, If it was 2 minutes a day, would it get your attention or energy?

Second, that is 8% of the day and a way to fuel yourself towards your goals and what is important.

Saying YES to 2hrs will also give you more clarity about saying NO to things.

For more information about how to implement the 2hrs a day check out the freeĀ #90Thrive program at http://90Thrive.com.