#90THRIVE is a 90 day mission, program or course designed to help you thrive.

  2. If you would like to a join a weekly meeting where the participants connect and support one another the cost is $100.
  3. If you would like a custom workout program and a nutrition plan designed for you, the cost is $500.
  4. Work directly individually or as a group with a Coach – Inquire @90THRIVE on Instagram


Exclusive to participants who complete #90THRIVE and share their journey with the hashtag #90THRIVE will unlock THRIVEMENTUM a forum for ongoing connection, tools and support. 


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Get 90 + pts and continue to the next day

*DAILY pts

30 min EXERCISE – 30 pts (eg Strength, Cardio, Walk or Yoga)

30-50 g of PROTEIN / meal – 30 pts (Prioritize protein)

15 min MEDITATION – 15 pts (eg Regular, Breathwork, Prayer)

2 ltrs of WATER – 10 pts

3 QUESTIONS – 15 pts (What were the CHALLENGES? What went WELL? What needs to be DONE?)


3 min COLD SHOWER / PLUNGE – 15 pts

15 min READING – 15 pts

1 hr SOCIAL MEDIA limit – 15 pts


On Day 24 or that week you can try a 24 hr fast, same for day 48 (48hr fast) and 72 (72 hr fast).

Only the fast is required for those days if you choose to do it.

*Before you start or participate in any program, consult your doctor.