#90Thrive program is a 90 day mission with up to 9 days off (how many you take off is up to you)

There are 5 daily tasks (if any of them are missed it counts as a day off.  Miss more then 9, start over)

2 hrs of WELLNESS (8% of your day)

  • Exercise (strength / cardio / yoga)
  • Walk(s)
  • Meditation / Breathwork
  • Reading
  • Writing / Journaling
  • Nap up to 30 minutes
  • Stretching
  • ICE bath or COLD shower (each minute counts as 10 minutes up to 6 minutes)

2 liters + of water


2 Meals a day 

Fuel your temple

2 Posts using the #90Thrive hashtags

This is to help with accountability and to empower others to THRIVE.

2hrs before bed turn off ELECTRONICS (entertainment/social media)

Based on your average bed time take away 2hrs and get ready for bed.  Practice putting your devices in the same spot away from your sleeping place.


Make your day around #90Thrive is a useful motto.


If you have any questions DM @THRIVEMASTERS on Instagram