24 Questions with Eric Phan

Eric Phan is a professional jui jitsu competitor.


1. What does thriving mean to you?

To be successful and constantly moving forward.

2. What’s the one domino that moves you toward thriving?

Being better.

3. What was or is your favourite way to sabotage yourself?

Losing focus & distractions.

4. How do you deal with challenging times? 

Stay calm under pressure.

5. What was an embarrassing/painful moment you can share?

When my shoulder needed surgery back in 2015.

6. What did you learn recently?

Some more secret BJJ details

7. Divide your age by half , who were you then?

I was a young kid who was having fun with no real purpose yet.

8. Think back 5-10 years, what moved the needle in your success?

My team, friends & family helped my success up to this date. Also just me not giving up or taking long breaks.

9. Whats the one resource you would recommend?

Knowimg yourself

10. What is your favourite quote or motto?

Fall 7 times, Stand up 8.

11. What are your top VALUES?

Loyalty, Respect, Balance, Creativity, Compassion, Determination, Faith and Stability

12. What is your focus over the next 12 months?

Become top 5 ranking in the world for BJJ.

13. You write a book for your grandkids / next generation, what principles do you want to pass on?

Determination & focus that is moving in the right direction

14. You start a podcast, who is your first guest? If you have a podcast who would you love to have on?

Helio Gracie

15. What are you thankful for?


16. If someone grew up in a dysfunctional home what advice would you give them going forward?

Focus on your dream, the rest will come.

17. What is your favourite memory of the last 12 months?

Competing again after 2 years away.

18. Do you have a favourite joke or a funny moment?

My friend Darson yelling out “LFG” during one of my recent BJJ matches

19. What do you need to have LESS of in your life?

Negativity & gossip

20. What rule should we be breaking?

Whatever rules you want to break, there should be no limitations!

21 . What’s the one thing you want to do before you die?

Travel the world

22. What is a step you would recommend one take to improve their life?

Follow your dream and your life will improve

23. Who is the PERSON you would love to acknowledge by nominating them to be showcased @ THRIVEMASTERS?


24. How can people connect with you?

@ericphanbjj INSTAGRAM