FIRE up your FIRE and then FIRE everything that gets in the way

Women are attracted to your FIRE. Businesses attract customers and employees because of their FIRE. Countries attract people to immigrate because of the FIRE.

Fire is the life force within you, a business or a country.

If you are not mature or wise about your FIRE, either you will allow others to squash it, steal it or you will burn things down yourself.

We all have a life force within us which i call the FIRE by the simple evidence of coming into existance.

By default we are all capable of suriving, its in our nature, but if you want more here are the next steps.

Step 1 FIRE up your FIRE

You can build a fire fairly easily with the right materials and tools. Gather tinder, kindling, and firewood to start.

Set up the small pieces first that are easier to light up, even add paper and then add the firewood as it builds.

Yes i’ve explained an actual way of starting a real FIRE as a metaphor for FIRING up your own inner FIRE.

What is your paper? Something easy to do on a daily basis. Maybe drinking a liter of water upon waking up or being mindful what food energizes you or slowls you down.

What is your kindling? Maybe a daily workout, inspirational reading, meditation or spending time on your hobby.

What is the Firewood? Maybe JUI JITSU classes, fire arms training, Public Speaking practice, Sport team or a mastermind group. (These are just some examples)

The firewood, if you notice is in a group setting where you can learn from one another and make each other sharper. The kindling and paper are individual habits.

STEP 2 FIRE everything that gets in the way.

Once you get a taste of your FIRE, you will see and feel it as the most prescious resource which is key to step 2.

Now that you know the value of it you can reference everything compared to your fire.

What habits do you need to FIRE? This is not instant but as you tune into the feeling you will know as a result what needs to go and what needs to be added.

Next, what people need to be FIRED or at the very least what boundary needs to be set up? Who fuels you and who drains you?

If you add the wrong people, go with the crowd, either your fire will extinguish or maybe burn things down.

FIRING is the act of adding boundaries. Don’t add wet wood, kindling, paper or think somehow that adding grass would magicaly light it up.

Adding boundaries will require you to FIRE up your FIRE first as that is where the courage and character will come from.

Building up your character and courage will also allow you to FIRE the obstacles like FEAR and others todards your goals.

We are born as passengers of life as we are dependent on our parents, community or institutions at first, but eventually we need to get into the driver seat.  The driver seat is at your core which i call your FIRE.