Fitness programs to use at home during covid

It is only fitting that a guy like Amer Kamra, best known for owning a successful online coaching business at Hammer Fitness and sculpting award-winning physiques would also be the author of four e-books. Currently being sold on Amazon, they are all about what he knows how to do best: get people into the best shape of their lives.


  • Absanity: #1 Fat Loss Guide


  • Great in 8: 8 Weeks, 8 Steps, Feel Gr8


  • Metabolic 9: No Equipment Needed, Get Shredded in 9 Weeks

Amer Kamra is known for his tough coaching style and no-nonsense communication. Even the titles of his books are intimidating. But what do Kamra, his online business and books all have in common?

Success and results to back it up!

Not one to sugarcoat the truth, he knows that many clients and athletes can’t always handle the truth, and he is fine with people moving on.

Why? Because he doesn’t dwell in the middle where most people do. He has set the bar very high for himself in all areas of his life, and the expectation of his staff, athletes and clients are they will meet and surpass that threshold.

Realizing he had the ability to develop everyday women into award-winning bikini competitors and the average guy into physique bodybuilders, KAMRA quickly distinguished himself from other personal trainers and coaches as the guy “who could get you shredded, or perfect your glute-hamstring tie-ins” and the demand for his services rose exponentially.

Regardless of where he puts his energy, AMER KAMRA has the winning formula. He is the owner of an online fitness brand Hammer Fitness and is a motivational speaker. As the top 100 podcast owner on iTunes, The Mind Builder, he shares his unconventional and often self-deprecating views and approaches to everything from fitness to mental health.

Riding high from an enormously successful year in coaching competition prep athletes in 2019 (where he set a world record, coaching a competitor to win three separate IFBB-PRO cards), 2020 quickly turned into a different story.

“When the world went into a global lockdown the first time in March 2020 and shows were suddenly canceled, I saw more than 50% of my business evaporate overnight.” Kamra shares.

“I have employees and responsibility. I couldn’t just sit by and watch 12 years of hard work go to dust.”

As any smart entrepreneur knows, you capitalize on a new organic demand or opportunities.

Kamra did just that. With gyms shutting down, people working from home, and the power of Instagram, YouTube, and the internet, he went back to “work.”

His logic was simple.

There will be hundreds of thousands of people worldwide needing online guidance to manage their stress, poor eating, and health. Not to mention, start losing those dreaded extra pounds that people can’t seem to shed on their own. Not everyone will have the budget for expensive home delivery cardio equipment or daily personal training, but they will for personally tailored coaching that delivers RESULTS.

He pivoted and created three distinct fitness brands, all stemming from his award-winning competition prep online fitness company, Hammer Fitness.

Consulting with his top employees, Rima Kamra, Lexie Ward, and Jase Stevens, the four powerhouses accomplished the successful and fiercely popular tertiary brands LadytheFUp and MantheFUp under KAMRA’S unique guidance.

Each separate corporation is specialized to a different demographic to avoid any overlap.

While other traditional gyms were having to permanently close their doors, Kamra and his team saw enormous growth throughout the 2020 pandemic.

“We managed to explore all three brands and grow in several untapped markets under Hammer Fitness.

Maybe competitions will come back, maybe not.

I see the future more in line with everyday people wanting extraordinary results. And that’s what we deliver.”