24 Questions with JUSTIN BREEN

Justin Breen is CEO of the PR firm BrEpic Communications and author of the No. 1 International Best-Selling Book, Epic Business. Justin is hard-wired to seek out and create viral, thought-provoking stories that the media craves. And he finds the best stories when he networks with visionary entrepreneurs and executives who understand the value of investing in themselves and their businesses. Justin believes strongly in the power of introductions and creates important relationships through those introductions. He is an extremely active member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Strategic Coach, Secret Knock and ProVisors, and he has an incredible global network of visionaries and exceptional businesses.


1. What does thriving mean to you?

Spending constant quality time with my wife and children. 10x’ing my network on a global level and creating limitless opps for my network and for myself

2. What’s the one domino that moves you toward thriving?

Passion for what I do

3. What was or is your favourite way to sabotage yourself?

Living in Gap instead of Living in Gain.

4. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the coronavirus experience?

My company hasn’t changed at all since Coronavirus other than no in-person meetings. So the lessons I learned and discuss constantly were things I believed before coronavirus.

5. What was an embarrassing / painful moment you can share?

Having my salary cut in half when I was a journalist on Feb. 10, 2017. That led me to starting my business and eventually writing my best-selling book, Epic Business …. www.BrEpicBusiness.com

6. What did you learn recently?

I talk to between 5-10 global entrepreneurs every day M-F. I have learned to curb my High-D/all-action personality to be more open to others.

7. Divide your age by half , who were you then?

A drunk, fun-loving frat boy

8. Think back 5-10 years, what moved the needle in your success?

My wife

9. Is there a book(s) you have read multiple times or a resource you keep going back to?

Honestly my book a lot. I read it all the time.

10. What is your favourite quote or motto?

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog. …. Also: “Abundance Mentality Is The Only Mentality”

11. What are your top VALUES?

Core Values Synergize with connected, caring givers who always do the right thing. Energize with abundant geniuses who never quit and always respond. Partner with visionary thinkers who epitomize the investment mindset

12. What is your focus over the next 12 months?

I don’t think like that. I live in the present and enjoy my life.

13. You write a book for your grandkids / next generation, what principles do you want to pass on?

Family first; do what you love to do and what you’re good at; only work with people who look at things as investments, not costs …. the full list is in my book. Each lesson is a chapter.

14. You start a podcast, who is your first guest? If you have a podcast who would you love to have on?

Greg Reid

15. What are you thankful for?

My wife, children, life, business, the global network of amazing, visionary entrepreneurs.

16. If someone grew up in a dysfunctional home what advice would you give them going forward?

I grew up in a dysfunctional home. Many entrepreneurs do as well. Never give up. Find your tribe.

17. What is your favourite memory of the last 12 months?

Going shark fishing with my wife and sons, who are now 7 and 6 years old. We caught a nurse shark. It was epic.

18. Do you have a favourite joke or a funny moment?

I tell people all the time the following: I am better than essentially anyone else on the planet at connecting people on a global level and getting people in the news at a high level. I’m an amazing father, an average to above-average husband and useless to society besides that. It’s a joke,, but I’m really not kidding.

19. What do you need to have LESS of in your life?

Nothing. I only do what I like to do and what I’m good at and weed out everything else.

20. What rule should we be breaking?

Going to stupid meetings if you don’t want to

21 . What’s the one thing you want to do before you die?

I have 5 life goals: Live to 100.  Be at grandchildren’s weddings.  Go to Alaska for a month with my family Swim/tank with Great White Sharks.  See polar bears in Svalbard

22. There are 12 step programs for addiction recovery. If you had to come up with a program for THRIVING what would the steps be?

Lessons in my book: It’s more like 30 steps

23. Who is the PERSON you would love to acknowledge by nominating them to be showcased @ THRIVEMASTERS?

Bill Bloom: He and I are very aligned https://www.linkedin.com/in/bloomfinancial/

24. How can people connect with you?