24 Questions with Maryl Eva

Maryl Eva is a top performing Millennial who builds undeniable corporate and personal brands. As Chief of Staff at MPWR, Maryl’s focus is blending psychology, performance data and visual creativity to create strategic plans that win.

1. What does thriving mean to you?
Thriving is finding the intersection of what sets your heart on fire and what pushes you to be better. For me, my sweet spot is at the intersection of psychology and business.

2. What’s the one domino that moves you toward thriving?
My CEO, Nancy J Spotton, pushes me to be my best every day through clearly articulated expectations and increasing pressure.

3. What was or is your favourite way to sabotage yourself?
Overpromising personal favours. I love helping people, but it’s not realistic to be able to help everyone.

4. What gets you back on track?
Writing down everything I need to do/wish to accomplish in my planner. And walking my dog.

5. What was an embarrassing/painful moment you can share?
I rarely get embarrassed. Katherine Ryan, a Canadian stand up comic, says it best when she says “it’s hard to shake someone who has the confidence of a 89 year old man.” I am however, very accident prone, and am currently nursing a broken tailbone after falling ass over teakettle down a flight of stairs.

6. What did you learn recently?
That Google was originally called “BackRub”

7. Divide your age by half , who were you then?
I was on the tail end of puberty, trying to figure out life as a 5’10 thirteen year old.

8. What was one of your aha/breakthrough moments?
When I completed my TAIS assessment (the assessment that the company I helped start is based around), I learned that the propensity towards anger I was keeping hidden is one of my best features. It allows me to have hard conversations with empathy and provide an unbiased perspective. This was over a year ago, and it’s amazing how much freedom accepting my flaws as a positive has given me.

9. Whats the one resource you would recommend?
I recommend having a coach. Having someone in your corner to be accountable to, who understands your professional potential and challenges is game-changing to being productive vs busy. I also recommend the book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

10. What is your favourite quote?
“You’re paying way too much for worms, man. Who’s your worm guy?”

11. What are your top VALUES?
Authenticity, seeing the humour in situations, conscious improvement, critical thinking, open mindedness

12. What is your focus over the next 12 months?
Continuing to work on MPWR, a talent incubator for building connected teams. We’ve spent over a year creating and testing strategies for authentic collaboration, and we’re one week from launching officially.

13. You write a book for your great grandkids, what principles do you want to pass on?
Everyone has the potential to add value, don’t gossip, be authentically you, love fearlessly, don’t pick a major based on how much you like your teacher in high school.

14. Who is one of the people that made an impact on your life?
In life and death, my father has been one of the biggest impacts on my life. He taught me to be kind, to work hard and to have confidence without ego.

15. What are you thankful for?
My family, both chosen and given.

16. If someone grew up in a dysfunctional/chaotic home what advice would you give them going forward?
I have no idea what it would be like to grow up in a dysfunctional home, but I would say that you are loved, you add value and your past does not determine your future. Find a coach that sees your potential and work through strategies to amplify your natural hard and soft skills.

17. What is your favourite memory of this year?
My favourite memory so far this year is being reunited with one of my closest friends who works as a teacher in Fort Severn. It’s amazing to learn about different cultures, and how life above the tree line is. (It’s a lot of snowmobiling and snow)

18. Do you have a favourite joke or a funny moment?
Every day with my 6 month old Brittany puppy is a funny moment. He recently started bucking like a bronco every time he picks up his favourite toy.

19. What do you need to have LESS of in your life?

20. What rule should we be breaking?
NO PHONES AT WORK. I cringe every time I hear someone say their work has a “no phone policy”.

21 . What’s the one thing you want to do before you die?
Publish a book

22. If i am just starting out to transform my life, what one week practice would you recommend?
Spend 5 hours a week reading something productive. I’m terrible at prioritizing reading, so I created a subscription to lead others through learning for 5 hours per week. Keeps us all accountable.

23. Who is the PERSON(S) you would like to acknowledge by nominating them to be showcased @ THRIVEMASTERS?
Sarah Plummer, as she consistently brings an awesome attitude and inspires others to give back.

24. How can people connect with you?
maryl@mpwrperformance.ca or linkedin.com/in/maryleva


Nominated by Nancy J Spotton