24 Questions with MELANIE ROUSSEAU

“I am a Money Mama who helps take a stand for other Money Mama’s and clean their finances.” – Melanie Rousseau


1. What does thriving mean to you?

Thriving means to live a life when we work to better itself and other people life. Live with a purpose to bring more joy and serve people So they can thrive themselves.

2. What’s the one domino that moves you toward thriving?

My second separation with my daughter father.

3. What was or is your favourite way to sabotage yourself?

Telling myself that I am only a small town girl… what do I know!

4. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the coronavirus experience?

To put your health first and really take the time to pause each day. We go-go-go and we forgot the most important things which are enjoying the present moment.

5. What was an embarrassing / painful moment you can share?

When I was pregnant with Julianne, I was asked to do a presentation about what to know when you want to start a business. I froze in front of the audience.

6. What did you learn recently?

To keep pushing beyond what you can imagine you can achieve. To keep growing. If it’s uncomfortable then you’re doing something right.

7. Divide your age by half , who were you then?

I was studying for my international business diploma .. working two jobs and at school full time. I really enjoyed this time of my life. I felt free and empowered to choose my destiny.

8. Think back 5-10 years, what moved the needle in your success?

My mentors – they pushed me when I thought I couldn’t go no more. When I was told I would never be successful in this business because I am too bubbly!

9. Is there a book(s) you have read multiple times or a resource you keep going back to?

I typically read each book mindfully, I even highlight things ahaha like a good student. So I rarely go back to a book. I like to keep learning new things. I will look back at some highlighted sections from time to time.

10. What is your favourite quote or motto?

I never lose, I either win or learn.

11. What are your top VALUES?

Integrity, honesty and respect

12. What is your focus over the next 12 months?

Build my online course, bring in more coaches and advisors under money mama brand and just help thousand of women!

13. You write a book for your grandkids / next generation, what principles do you want to pass on?

Live your life on your own term. Do what makes you happy! Life skill that school doesn’t teach.

14. You start a podcast, who is your first guest? If you have a podcast who would you love to have on?

Ellen degeneres

15. What are you thankful for?

Omg… everything really. I have always received so much … my. Health, My kids, my earth angels, my friends, the money that allows me to take care of me, others and travel.

16. If someone grew up in a dysfunctional home what advice would you give them going forward?

It depends what it would be but mostly that family doesn’t define them. They still have the same chance in life as everyone else. They might have to work a bit harder but they can succeed

17. What is your favourite memory of the last 12 months?

When I launch money mama Jan 20, 2020

18. Do you have a favourite joke or a funny ?

I have a lot of funny moment… especially when it comes to me saying funny things with my frenchenglish.. like hornymoon !!

19. What do you need to have LESS of in your life?

Computer problems.  Hahha

20. What rule should we be breaking?

Dont know

21 . What’s the one thing you want to do before you die?

Donate $1M to charity.

22. There are 12 step programs for addiction recovery. If you had to come up with a program for THRIVING what would the steps be?

Self care (physical, mental and spiritual), mentorship, authenticity ( live in your purpose)

23. Who is the PERSON you would love to acknowledge by nominating them to be showcased @ THRIVEMASTERS?

Natalia Popovitch

24. How can people connect with you?