Give yourself instant PEACE

Give your self a hit of peace, a line of aaahhhh or a gulp of a gooood time.

Alot of our time is spent cruising the web where opinions can be thrown around as facts.

In Canada an average person spends around 11hrs a day on electronics.

Those opinions get seen online, shared at home, the office and in social interactions.

Sally sees something online or hears it on the radio and that message gets passed to Bob at the cooler.  Bob remembers that story and passes it to his wife and kids at home.  The wife/kids go see their friends in person or online and share those opinions with them.

You can see how easily things can go viral today, especially with technologies that have been purposefully designed to hijack our attentions.

How can one get instant PEACE?

You have to first acknowledge that most of your own thoughts shouldn’t be taken seriously.  We have thousands of thoughts a day and if we didn’t filter most of them out we would go mad.

Once you acknowledge the first step, you are ready to navigate online and life peacefully and not take other peoples opinions seriously, which may include this article as well.

This filtering system or reminder allows you to get back to the few important things with peace.  Namaste.