24 Questions with Shauna Arnott

Shauna Arnott is the founder of Haste and Hustle.  World explorer. Lover of life.


1. What does thriving mean to you?

Living a life with purpose, and building a family, business, career that serves others.

2. What’s the one domino that moves you toward thriving?

The desire to help others

3. What was or is your favourite way to sabotage yourself?

I sabotage myself through negative self talk, and risky decision making.

4. How do you deal with challenging times?

I spend time focusing on what I’m grateful for, a lot of time in prayer and I try to get out into situation that give me perspective.

5. What was an embarrassing/painful moment you can share?

I think the most painful moment I’ve had was after a failed project I couldn’t afford to pay the couple of staff people that had supported the project. It took me a long time to fulfill that payment, but making them wait was a horrible burden on me.

6. What did you learn recently?

I have been learning a lot about prompt communication. I get so overwhelmed by it sometimes that I sort of shut down. I’ve been building some better strategies and support systems into my business to help mitigate this issue.

7. Divide your age by half , who were you then?

I was 19.5 with every opportunity available to me. Excellent high school education, scholarships to Ivy league schools, energy, enthusiasm. The opportunities have grown. My energy is a little less, but I’m still wildly excited and enthusiastic about life.

8. Think back 5-10 years, what moved the needle in your success?

I just recognized that I could do anything that I wanted and that I didn’t have to stay where I was.

9. Whats the one resource you would recommend?

A good library of books on all subjects.

10. What is your favourite quote or motto?

I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8

11. What are your top VALUES?

• Quality over quantity • Grace and understanding • Kindness • Innovation • Service focused • Continual improvement • Teachable • Giving

12. What is your focus over the next 12 months?

Building out the systems in my business that are needed to scale.

13. You write a book for your grandkids / next generation, what principles do you want to pass on?

How to genuinely serve others.

14. You start a podcast, who is your first guest? If you have a podcast who would you love to have on?

Bill Gates, Oprah, and Michelle Obama

15. What are you thankful for?

My family

16. If someone grew up in a dysfunctional home what advice would you give them going forward?

Seek out a great coach that can work on your mindset

17. What is your favourite memory of the last 12 months?

Getting a phone call while walking down Park Avenue telling me that Richard Branson had accepted my offer to speak at my next event.

18. Do you have a favourite joke or a funny moment?

My son’s impression of Barack Obama is awesome.

19. What do you need to have LESS of in your life?

Time wasters

20. What rule should we be breaking?

We should break any rules that alienate, ostracize or hurt people.

21 . What’s the one thing you want to do before you die?

Take 1 year off and just spend time traveling with various family members

22. What is an important step one can take to shift from SURVIVING to THRIVING?

Wake up every single morning and write down every single thing you are grateful for.

23. Who is the PERSON you would love to acknowledge by nominating them to be showcased @ THRIVEMASTERS?

Brian Scrone

24. How can people connect with you?

Instagram @Shaunaclaire1 or LinkedIn Shauna Arnott