The best INvestment

There is a prescious resource that is worth more then Bitcoin, gold, the stock market or the realestate combined.

Yes bitcoin is going through the roof (as a first place to highlight the official inflation), gold, the stock market and realestate as well to lesser degrees.

The resource i am heavily suggesting you go all into and invest, is the FIRE with in you.

Most may say ill take the bitcoin and other investments but im telling you once you become aware, protect and discover how to grow your inner FIRE other wins will pale in comparison or become secondary benefits. Now if those external investments go down, you still have your inner resource to continue to create and go after what you want.

BITCOIN, GOLD and all other creations have come from the FIRE within.   Take Uber, the seed was planted when the founder was PISSED off for waiting so long for a TAXI. (Yes being pissed off is a sign of the fire)

We all have this life force with in us. Some may have had it squashed, repressed or not developed by parents, school, the masses or convience of modern day life.  Others may have been lucky to discover it young or guided and grown. Never the less its in you, its in all of us.

Its the gut instinct, the excitement, motivation to pull through tough times, the courage to start something new or protect what you cherish. Its the joy, play and curiousity in kids. No wonder according to some stats that an average kid laughs 300 times a day, while an adult 30 times or way less. Maybe the everyday responsabilities of being an adult have lowered the fire or maybe you weren’t aware of it and didnt know how to protect it.

Its also the anger at evil, wrongdoers or even at yourself for not meeting your potential.  But if you are not operating from the fire centre you may not know how to wield this power and even burn innocent things down.

From this FIRE reference point, you can ask questions to navigate life and see what smothers or fuels you.

Diet, exercise, people, environments, sleep, goals or lack there of are some of the things to pay attention to.

You’ll need to set boundaries, just as you would to make the fire otherwise it will never ignite and grow.  By the way, setting boundaries will aslo happen from this fire centre.

If you are a parent or have influence over young ones, you have the power to set a good example, uplift or squash their FIRE. Pay even more attention.

Just imagine the multi generational wealth transfer of this resource. Once understood by the kids in their core, they can compare their actions or whom their influences are to their FIRE.

Discover, protect and grow your fire and it will take care of you and others way beyond any external investment.